"I helped establish Fund for America's Future several years ago to support conservative candidates for federal and state office. We will work hard to grow the Republican Party and chip away at the Democrats' control of Washington."

--Senator Lindsey Graham, Honorary Chairman
Why should I contribute to Fund for America's Future?
Fund for America's Future supports and encourages the election of individuals to federal and state offices who support limited government, strengthening the American family, a strong national defense and common sense, conservative reform. Your contributions will help ensure that people with these conservative values hold public office and help us in our fight for a better America.

How will my contributions be spent?
Your contributions will be used to support candidates who share our conservative outlook and to bolster the Republican Party across the country.

What is a political action committee?
A PAC is a committee registered with the Federal Election Commission that can provide direct support to candidates and political parties.

Are there contribution limits?
Yes. The limitation is $5,000 per year for individuals, other PACs, the National Party and federal candidate committees. The state, district and local party may contribute a combined amount of $5,000. Contributions from corporations or foreign nationals are strictly prohibited.

Are contributions tax deductible?
No. Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.

How do I contribute to Fund for America's Future?
You may make a contribution online with debit or credit cards. Also, you may make checks payable to Fund for America's Future, PO Box 1373, Columbia, SC 29202.